About me

Hello! I'm Iakov. I'm a software engineer. It's both a job and an occupation. I'm passionate about software, open-source technologies, and making computers do stuff.

I've spent most of my career working as a web developer in the B2B area. In the last few years, I've been focused on an agile leadership role, helping my engineering teams align with business goals.

I was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I moved to Czechia when I was 19, and I still live in Prague. Apart from tech, I love slow heavy metal and artsy video games.

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Cloud Software Architect at Evocode

1 years 4 months   10.2020 - Present

I've taken a new challenge as a software architect, building a cloud-native platform for the Scandinavian automotive industry. My main responsibility was to kickstart a greenfield application development, build a robust cloud infrastructure and architecture, and to document it all.

  • Established and overseen cloud-native application development practices in a distributed, fully remote team.
  • Facilitated cooperation between multiple organisations working on delivering one integrated product, leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure and services.
  • Implemented a DevOps infrastructure to ensure a seamless CI process across different teams.

Cloud Services Product Owner at Ataccama

1 years 7 months   03.2019 - 10.2020

I moved to become a PO and direct manager of a team of 5 people. My primary goal was to improve the Ataccama Platform-as-a-Service and the general Cloud platform capabilities of our software.

  • Directly managed a team of 5 Systems Engineers. I facilitated a SCRUM-like workflow, driven cooperation with Support and the Professional Services team, and created a long-term vision for the company's cloud competence.
  • Ensured smooth sailing of 6 PaaS customers. Implemented an on-call duty structure, as well as a team workflow, enabling quick reaction to both customer and colleague requests.
  • Driven adoption of Kubernetes and Docker. Those tools allow Ataccama to reduce the complex overhead of manual installation, thus speeding up deployment and maintenance.
  • Contributed to cloud-native deployment options of Ataccama tools. I created AWS and Azure automated deployment options and participated in delivering Kubernetes-based deployment to customers.

Front-end Team Lead at Ataccama

2 years   03.2017 - 03.2019

I've risen to the opportunity to become the leader of the Front-end team. I've been in charge of growing the front-end team, as well as maintaining a consistent technical vision.

  • Encouraged cooperation on codebase across separate product teams. This allowed us to reuse a lot of component code and improve UI consistency. Some components were reused in a GWT (Java) codebase later.
  • Driven the adoption of modern front-end stack. The main accomplishment was a complete migration to TypeScript. TypeScript improved the developer experience dramatically. We also made use of TSLint, Prettier and Jest to improve the quality of our code.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline for Ataccama ONE. This pipeline allowed multiple development teams to simultaneously deploy their code for testing and acceptance and sped up our iteration over product.
  • Attracted skilled talent for the company. Speaking on meetups or mentoring newbies in code boot camp helped me grow the front-end team from 3 to 10 skilled engineers in two years.

Front-end Engineer at Ataccama

6 months   09.2016 - 03.2017

I was hired as one of the first internal front-end developers. I've worked on knowledge transfer and handover of the prototype from external consultants to Ataccama employees.

  • Encouraged active knowledge transfer from the team of external developers to Ataccama employees. This allowed us to develop the product using a lot of original codebase well into 2020.
  • Mentored less experienced colleagues. React and SPAs were new technologies for the company, so I got to share my experience with my peers.

JavaScript Developer at European Experts

1 years 3 months   06.2015 - 09.2016

I was the primary JavaScript/front-end developer working on a new Applicant Tracking System in React and supporting a legacy mobile data collection app in Backbone.

  • Worked in a cross-functional agile team to quickly bring a prototype application to life. Ensured a handover of code and documentation to a new team that grew the prototype into a production app.
  • Built a single-page application using React, Reflux, and React-Router. Modern front-end stack allowed us to implement complex workflows and dynamic UI.
  • Added minor features and patched bugs in a massive Backbone codebase. This helped our users - NGOs and non-profits - carry on with their work in less fortunate parts of the world.

Web Developer at Fairpeople

1 years 2 months   10.2014 - 12.2015

I have worked on a project offering website development to small businesses in Eastern Europe. I used WordPress extensively, developing a custom theme for it, and integrating it with other tools.

  • Worked alongside a web designer to implement a custom WordPress-based website. Implemented a responsive theme according to Sketch templates and a PHP plugin for order processing.
  • Built multiple demo websites using commercially-available themes. Those demo websites were shown to prospects to help them pick the design and features for their website.

Freelance Developer

4 years   2013 - 2017

I spent a lot of time working on smaller web dev jobs. An occasional website for a friend of a friend.

  • Learned the basics of lots of non-development skills. Learning how to manage my time and simple project management was invaluable in my professional career later.
  • Worked with lots of various technologies. I've learned how to manage DNS and Linux servers and worked on applications written in PHP, JavaScript, and Python.


Front-end development


I've spent most of my career doing this. Naturally, I consider this is my top skill.

TypeScriptReactReduxRedux-SagaApollo GraphQLJestMobXRxJSSCSSWebpack

Automation and DevOps


Applying my programming expertise to automate repetitve work and scale in a meaningful way.

DockerJenkinsGitLab CIGolangLinuxbashPrometheusELK StackAWSAzurePacker

Agile leadership


I use my soft skills and domain knowledge to align developers with business goals. I've sucessfully applied Agile methodology to manage team work as well as my own projects, and I believe it's one of the best ways to approach software work.

Backend and API development


I've done it once or twice for commercial work.


Mobile development


Very basic understanding, but I'd like to learn more.

React NativeExpo.js


This very website you've found this resume on. Intended to be a showcase of my technical skills. Built using React, TypeScript, JSS, and Next.js.

A Prometheus exporter that helps you keep track of holes in your infra. Written completely in Golang. I'll write a blog post about it one day.

I hacked together a client/server application to control cheap RGB LED lights via Bluetooth in my home, from anywhere in the world. Built using React, Node, Expo.js, and Raspberry Pi.



Full Professional


Full Professional